Phishing as a Service

Strengthening the Human Network of Your Organization against Phishing Threats

Phishing Awareness

Why is Phishing Awareness important for your organization?

Phishing attacks have become one of the major threats to the IT systems of enterprises. Phishing is one of the success factors of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). According to Gartner, 3.6 million clients in the U.S. alone had lost capital due to phishing attacks. The losses reached up to approximately U.S. 3.2 billion per annual. Fortunately every year enterprises invest billions of dollars in enhancing their Cyber Security.

How do organizations invest in their Security posture?

In a recent survey 90% of CIOs indicated that they invest between 90% and 95% in technology and only 5%-10% in training People
To cope with the growing phishing threats most organizations have the following countermeasures in place to raise phishing awareness of the people they are entrusted with:

Why are current measures to cope with phishing attacks insufficient?

Certain countermeasures to raise phishing awareness are not effective as they:

How then CIOs can cost effectively and efficiently raise phishing awareness in their organizations?

One cost effective and efficient Six Step Method PhaaS empowers organizations to raise Phishing Awareness. Research that won the Best in Business Award 2015-2016 of the Nyenrode Universiteit will extend this power to Your Organization!